About London Against Injustice (LAI)

LONDON AGAINST INJUSTICE (LAI) is a support group for those who are innocent of a criminal conviction and their supporters.  We are all volunteers and are victims of a miscarriage of justice.

We are not solicitors, so cannot provide legal advice, but we have a large pool of practical knowledge gathered from experience of our owncases.

Important Notice: LAI is a support group and we do not have a legal company or endorse one using our name. If anyone contacts you or your loved one in prison claiming to be London Against Injustice – please be very wary. If you do receive any correspondence claiming to be from London Against Injustice asking to look at your legal papers please call our helpline immediately.

What do we do?

We meet once a month to share information, give support and encouragement to those of us who are fighting against the wrongful conviction of our loved ones.

  • We provide support for people who maintain their innocence against criminal convictions (usually still in prison), and their supporters.
  • We provide a safe environment in which victims and supporters can discuss their cases.
  • We can provide practical advice on how to submit and progress your appeal.
  • We can provide practical advice on how to support an innocent person while they are in prison

If you are seeking justice for someone who is innocent of the crime of which they have been convicted and would like some support and advice, please come along to our meetings.  Check the front page of this site to get the latest meeting dates.



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