Support Groups

United Against Injustice

Innocent – Fighting Miscarriages of Justice

Yorkshire and Humberside Against Injustice (YHAI)

FASO (False Allegations Organisations) – a voluntary organisation dedicated to supporting anyone affected by a false allegation of abuse

Action For Prisoners’ Families – for anyone who is affected by the imprisonment of a close family member or friend. Also operate a free Helpline service.

Innocence Projects

Innocence Network UK (INUK)

Campaigning Organisations

Joint Enterprise – Not Guilty by Association (JENGbA)
A national organisation set up to challenge the convictions of innocent people under the joint enterprise law, and to change the law.

Practical Information

Rough Justice TV – Peter Hill, producer of the “Rough Justice” TV programme has compiled a manual called ‘What to do if you are wrongly convicted’

Falsely Accused – Pre-trial Preparation and Appeals for those faced with a False Accusation of a Serious Arrestable Offence

SAFARI – Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information
Counselling Support

Affect – Action For Families Enduring Criminal Trauma. A free service and offers telephone counselling to any family member if needed.


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