Jerome Charles – Convicted of murder. Sentenced to life with a tariff of 25 years

erome Charles, 32 was wrongly convicted for the murder of Liam Landers by Joint Enterprise. On 20th February 2005, Mr Landers was shot at close range during a struggle with the gunman in Green Hill Gardens, Northolt; Middlesex around 11:20pm after an attempted robbery went wrong. On 20 March 2005, Mr Charles was arrested with 3 others in connection with an unrelated incident. The other men were released without charge and Mr Charles was charged with the murder of Mr Landers.

Mr Charles stood trial at Snaresbrook County Court in December 2005 and was found guilty of conspiracy to rob, possession of a firearm with intent and murder. He was sentenced to life with a tariff of 25 years.


The prosecution case is that Mr Charles was one of the people present at the shooting of Mr Landers. It was alleged that Mr Landers was murdered after he was enticed into a trap by Mr Charles and his co-accused Mr Nicholas, who agreed to sell him cannabis but when Mr Landers arrived in Green Hill Gardens, he was allegedly confronted by Mr Charles and the gunman who were intending to rob him. The gunman asked Mr Charles “If he could shoot this guy” after allegedly stepping out of a grey Toyota Carina car. Mr Charles apparently shrugged his shoulders and replied “it’s up to you”. The victim was shot during a so called struggle as he tried to call Terry (the co-accused). Mr. Nicholas allegedly organized the deal from a safe distance on his mobile phone throughout the incident. The victim bled to death but not before according to the prosecution uttering “Terry set me up”. The prosecution had linked Mr Charles to the scene as he was stopped in a grey Toyota Carina at the time of his arrest. Items said to belong to Mr Charles were found with gunshot residue on them in the Toyota. The mobile site evidence seemed to place Mr Charles at the scene and he was identified by only one eye witness. Mr Charles at no time during his interviews mentioned his alibi and answered any questions put to him about the murder of Mr Landers. Mr Charles was under caution and took the advice to say nothing.


The defence case presented at court that Mr Charles did not murder Mr Landers and was not involved in his killing. Mr Charles was unable to assist with the police enquiries as he had no knowledge or knew Mr Landers. Mr Charles was neither driving the Toyota nor a passenger in that car on the 20th February nor was the owner. The car belonged to someone else. The mobile telephone in question was in the possession of a friend during the time of the murder on the 20th February. No further positive identification could support the claim made by the eye witness. No forensic link could be made with Mr Charles to the items found in the boot of the Toyota. At the time when Mr Landers was shot, Mr Charles was drinking with friends in his local pub in Southall. Upon leaving the pub Mr Charles was accompanied to Slough. Mr Charles and his friend proceeded inside. His friend stayed with him for some time. He left and Mr Charles remained at the premises. The friends of Mr Charles had given statements to that effect.

After the trial Mr Charles’s defence team made an application for appeal. Despite having good grounds of appeal, Mrs Justice Rafferty rejected his application in 2006


  • The prosecution main key witnesses had deliberately lied and misled the prosecution regarding that night and a case of perjury was to be considered.
  • The credibility of the eye witness who made the identification.
  • In court there was no evidence to support the claim of purchasing cannabis on the 20th February 2005.
  • A guilty verdict was reached quickly on all three counts whereas the co accused was found not guilty.
  • In court, it was made clear that Mr Charles was not the gunman.
  • No other witnesses identified Mr Charles

The family and the defence team are working towards finding new evidence for an appeal.

If you have any information or offering support please contact or you can write directly to:

Jerome Charles – NB7049
HMP Long Lartin, South Littleton, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 8TZ

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