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Diane Abbott MP says “Time to review police use of ‘joint enterprise’

July 31, 2010

Diane Abbott MP has expressed her concerns about the use of the joint enterprise law in her article on the Guardian website. We truly welcome Diane’s contribution to the debate, as so many people including MP’s are unaware of the miscarriages of justice this law is causing.

The question now is what are MP’s plans for much needed and urgent reform of this law?

Read Diane Abbott’s article by clicking the link below. Please join in the debate by adding a comment on the Guardian website. – Time to review police use of ‘joint enterprise’


Ann Craven Obituary

July 31, 2010


Ann Craven Obituary

London Against Injustice would like to pay tribute to Ann Craven, who was Chair of INNOCENT for more than twelve years, and died on 13 June 2010 of cancer, following a short period of illness. Although she never sought prominence for herself, she had become well known amongst those serving prison sentences for crimes they had not committed, as well as their families and supporters.

Ann joined INNOCENT after her son had been wrongly convicted of rape. After he was exonerated and his conviction overturned, Ann devoted a large part of her life to helping others who were experiencing the devastating effects of wrongful convictions which she and her son knew at first hand. She would say: “It’s not just the people in prison who serve the sentences in miscarriage of justice cases – it’s the families too whose lives are on hold until the convictions are overturned.”

She became the second Chair of INNOCENT and held the organisation together for many years, so that it is now expanding and has a secure future (since, unfortunately, there are ever more miscarriage of justice cases needing its help). She co-founded United Against Injustice (UAI), the national umbrella organisation for groups like INNOCENT, and her commitment helped to make possible the successful series of annual public meetings and workshops through which UAI has raised the profile of the problem of miscarriages of justice.

She will be remembered for the direct support, encouragement and practical advice that she gave to many victims of miscarriages of justice and their families. She gave her time willingly to researching cases, making contacts and visiting prisoners.

She inspired and energised her friends and fellow campaigners by drawing on her fierce hatred of injustice and the destructive effects of the incompetence and corruption of the police and the legal system. Those of us who had the good fortune to know her well will miss her sound and practical advice and her sense of humour.

She leaves her husband, Alfred, who supported her unstintingly in her work and who shares her hatred of injustice.

Steven Gray, Spokesperson for United Against Injustice, said: “Ann Craven’s death is a huge loss as she was a campaigner for many years, a true fighter for miscarriages and to many a close and wonderful friend. I’m sure our thoughts are with her family and loved ones at this time. We will miss you Ann and we shall carry on fighting in your name……”


Repealing Unnecessary Laws – Abolish/Amend Joint Enterprise Law

July 24, 2010

The new coalition government has set up a website where people can vote for laws that they want to see changed or abolished. If you disagree with the joint enterprise law, please leave your comments on the page at the link below. Nick Clegg reads these comments and it would be good to show we disagree with this law and want it changed.

Your Freedom – Abolish/Amend Joint Enterprise Law

West Midlands Against Injustice Launch

July 16, 2010


THE WAREHOUSE (B’ham Friends of the Earth)

The meeting is to set up a support group for anyone who has been convicted of a crime she or he did not commit, and whose case happened in the West Midlands area. The meeting is open to all relatives, friends and supporters of those who have been wrongly convicted.

The aims of a West Midlands Against Injustice group would be to:

· bring together Miscarriage of Justice cases in the West Midlands.
· provide advice, support and an information network to each other.
· highlight the incidence of Miscarriage of Justice and expand the public’s awareness of Miscarriage of Justice issues.
· support the annual National Miscarriage of Justice Day (October 9th)

Please pass on this message to anyone you think would be interested in attending this meeting.

If you are unable to make the meeting but would like to be kept informed of future meetings please contact:

Russ Spring on 07806 557 509 or e mail

This proposal is supported by
United Against Injustice ( and
INNOCENT ( Members of these organisations will be present to give support, information and advice.

Fighting Against Joint Enterprise: A Discriminatory Law

July 5, 2010

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) recently featured an article about London Against Injustice, helping us to spread our message about miscarriages of justice. Our current campaign about the Joint Enterprise Law is highlighted which we believe to be a discriminatory law, particularly targetting working class boys from all cultural backgrounds.

To read the full article please click on the link below
Fighting Against Injustice